Aixa Limited was founded over a decade ago to provide specialist solutions for the many and diverse problems which face modern day commerce in the form of illegal and criminal activities both from internal and external threats on a National and International platform.

In all situations companies need to maintain a position of vigilance to prevent corrupt practices or have mechanisms immediately available to deal with them in a positive and proficient way.

Our Services are many and varied a few of which are listed below

Aixa is an independent, discreet and professional consultancy, every year companies are confronted by theft. It is the single most damaging feature, in its many forms including fraud, affecting trade and profits, it also destroys careers.

In good times individuals feel that their dishonesty will either remain undiscovered or at worst only identified long after they have galvanised their position.

In times of protracted economic slowdown individuals are less resilient to temptation and are prepared to take extraordinary risks.


Aixa Limited personnel are highly experienced and respected former New Scotland Yard detectives.  

With a proven track record of successful investigations into both corporate and private matters, we react quickly to any given situation.

Your company's integrity is our priority

Solutions for Corporate Risks